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Developing Polices & Procedures

Developing Polices & Procedures

Your operational procedures and policies are the guidelines and practices that lay the foundation for your company to achieve success—so you want to ensure they are as robust as possible.

Clearly defined employee roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities will ensure every department in your company is working towards the same goal, with the same expectations in mind.

Our management consultants are experts in policy development, and following best practice in the preparation and development of policies and procedures in line with your operating environment, will work with your organization to improve your existing policies and ensure they are aligned with your business strategy.

We have the knowledge and the ability to access the benchmark standard best practice policies and procedures, and will work with you to help you implement change smoothly and efficiently across your entire organization.

Organizational Structure Review and Design

We understand that a successful company needs an effective organizational structure. At Taiba, our goal is to help you achieve this.

Our management consultants will work with you to determine the right internal structure for your organization. We will provide expert advice that will help you to remodel your departments, operations, and processes, and help you establish the most effective structure to suit your company.

Our consultants will then help you implement these changes, enabling your organization to increase its performance, reducing your operating costs, and enhance your efficiency and effectiveness overall.

Delegation of Authorities

In a well-run company, having the right delegation of authority ensures everyone knows their role, all business activities and processes are clearly defined, and there is accountability built in to every level of play.

Taiba will help you create an effective authority matrix that provides you with the most effective channels of communication, more efficient decision-making processes, and a clearly-defined accountability chain that stands as a foundation of your business structure.

Governance Framework

In an increasingly regulated corporate world, it is now more important than ever to have a strong corporate governance framework in place, one that enables effective collaboration both internally and with external stakeholders and clients.

Taiba will help you to develop a governance framework that tailored to your organization, utilizing industry best practice standards and rules to boost your company’s effectiveness and efficiency, that governs how you do business from the top, down to the bottom line.

Feasibility Study

Make sure you are making the right decision with a Taiba feasibility study. Our business consultants have worked across a wide range of industries, and have a deep industry knowledge on what it takes to make a viable project.

We will help you arrive at an objective and accurate assessment of any future projects, plans, or concepts, so you fully understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for your new venture, and can make a forward-thinking decision on the success of any proposed concepts.