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Operational Excellence


Achieve your best and put your company on the track to success with Taiba Operational Excellence consulting.

Lean Management

Taiba will enable you to take a long-term approach to your organizational management, by focusing on the continual improvement of your business processes. Our consultants will help you determine where you can reduce waste and add more value to your organization, and eliminate redundant processes or procedures. Cut the fat and whip your business into shape with Taiba Lean Management consulting.

Balance Scorecard

Align your day-to-day tasks, objectives, and staff performance to your business’ strategic focus with Balanced Scorecard. Taiba consultants will help you determine which projects to prioritize, and how to communicate these priorities, in a way that can be understood across your business, and ensures your KPIs all aid in achieving these goals.

Strategy Execution

A business strategy means nothing if it is not implemented effectively—and this is what we do best.

Taiba management consultants will work with you to map out your long-term business strategy. We will help you to define an effective, achievable strategy designed to lead your organization where you want it to go. With defined touchpoints, continual strategic alignment of projects and tactics, and meaningful KPIs, your new strategy will lead you to success.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a guaranteed way to measure natural quality compliance measures within your organization. Eliminate the drawbacks of visible compliance officers and keep your company on its toes.

Excellence Model

There are several Excellence Model frameworks worldwide, and we specialize in providing training and advice to be able to achieve the King Abdulaziz Quality Award framework, the European Foundation Quality Model framework, and/or the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award framework, all of which will lead you to success.

Strategic Management

  • Corporate governance
  • Business setup and expansion
  • Diagnostic services
  • Market strategy
  • Process mapping and re-engineering
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Program/project management

Supplier Evaluation

We work with you to establish suitable criteria that you can use for vendor/supplier qualification and selection. This will help ensure vendors have the financial viability to perform on their contractual obligations