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Quality Management

Quality Management

Don’t just achieve benchmarks. Become the standard for quality in your field.Our quality services help ensure your business always reaches the highest standard.


Our certification preparation services allow you to choose the right certification body and accreditation to benefit your organization. We work with you from start to finish, we partner with you during each and every assessment phase until you reach the level of certification, or received the Excellence Model award, that you have been striving for. Our goal is to see your business succeed.

ISO Standards

The International Organization for Standardization is the global source for all ISO standards, such as the ISO 9000 Quality Management System. Our services are designed to help your organization achieve these global standards, and achieve the superior performance you desire.

Supplier Evaluation

We work with you to establish suitable criteria that you can use for vendor/supplier qualification and selection. This helps to ensure vendors have the financial viability to perform on their contractual obligations.

Business Process Modelling

Reduce your costs and increase value for your clients with updated business process modelling. Using industry best practice techniques, we will help you plot your key touchpoints and processes for all your business operations, and determine where and how you can undertake these more effectively.

Excellence Model

There are several Excellence Model frameworks worldwide, and we specialize in providing training and advice to be able to achieve the King Abdulaziz Quality Award framework, the European Foundation Quality Model framework, and/or the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award framework, all of which will lead you to success.

Strategic Management

Have your strongest year yet with Taiba strategic management services. Our experienced consultants will work with your management team to formulate a winning strategy aligned with your core management processes, and one that guides your business, budget, and resource allocation for the coming year, setting you on a path to long-term success.

Quality Audit

Make sure your quality system is up to scratch with Taiba quality auditing. Our consultants will help you examine your existing systems and processes, to make sure you not only hit your benchmarks, but exceed them. You will mitigate future risk, enhance internal controls, and help your operations run more efficiently and effectively.