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Hofstede Insights

Hofstede Insights


We can reflect on over 30 years in business and the thousands of companies we have helped to become truly global. We were founded when organisational culture and intercultural management were still firmly in the realm of academia.

Hofstede Insights was created in 2017 from a merger between itim International and The Hofstede Centre.


Education Path Training Institute


Educational Pathway Training Institute provides needs-driven, leading edge Professional education, consulting and mentoring to individuals and corporate clients, in order to enhance careers and foster workforce development.


Electronic Business Transactions Co.


EBTCO is an industry leader in developing security state-of–the-art systems focused on IoT, RFID, biometrics, access control, video surveillance, fire detection, nurse call solution and smart home and building automation.
With 15 years of expertise in the region, EBTCO empowers industries with flexible and user-friendly solutions that complement their businesses, and help it function effectively and efficiently.


EBTCO is a technology partner open for new challenges, ideas and innovations through dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain while maintain strong business connections in Turkey, Egypt, Europe and USA.