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HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

Build a platform for success for your business by ensuring you have the right people doing the right job. We can provide you with smart, actionable Human Resources advice, to deliver you a more efficient, streamlined personnel system.

Job Grading

Make sure your people are getting paid what they are worth, and that you are not spending money unnecessarily. Our consultants will work with you to analyze the value of each job in your organization, and determine a fair job grading system based on the skills, qualifications, and tasks for each role, and where it fits into your business’ organizational structure.

Salary Scale

Attract the right people to your company with appropriate and attractive salaries and benefits packages, and make sure you retain them with a package that grows as they do. Taiba will help you develop a salary scale based on industry best practice benchmarks, to ensure that you have the right people applying to join your organization—and that you keep them on board. Eliminate costly staff turnover, and ensure a workplace that makes your personnel feel valued.

Job Description

Do your job descriptions accurately reflect what is expected in the role? Job descriptions are such an important part of an organization—whether it is for recruitment, staff development, career progression, or performance reviews—yet they often go overlooked. Times change, roles change, and this should be reflected in the basic descriptions of each of your organization’s roles.

Taiba will help you map out the tasks, responsibilities, and expectations for each role in your organization, and translate this into concrete job descriptions that define the requirements and competencies for each role.

Performance Appraisal & Management

Keep your staff on track with proper performance appraisal and management. Taiba’s consultants will ensure your employee performance is accurately assessed, analyzed, and recorded, and give you the steps necessary to support them in performing at their best.

Develop Code of Conduct

Developing a standardized Code of Conduct ensures that everyone in your organization knows and understands what is expected of them in the workplace. Our business consultants will help you define the rules and practices that govern the way your staff interact, which will ensure a vibrant, respectful, motivated business.

Incentive Scheme

Are your employees motivated to achieve excellence? Taiba can develop an incentive plan for your company that motivates your staff to deliver their highest level of performance, while rewarding them with benefits that are tailored to your business.

Learning & Development

When it comes to long-term success we believe that there is no greater investment than your staff. Our consultants will work with you to create training plans that develop and enhance your staff capacity and capabilities, see them deliver peak performance time after time, and ensure you are training the right people in the right roles. Our staff training plans are a smart investment in your future.